Diffrent Sprite Sizes

Hello i’m wondering what the maximum dimensions for sprites and tilesets in eclipse worlds. Also how you would proceed to implement it.

EW has a 4x4 frame system (maybe it’s 3x3). As long as each area of the sprite frame is the same, it will work.

Eg. you can have a 384x384 pixel sprite (each frame would be 96x96 pixels). Just make sure each frame is the same size 🙂

Yes, anyway if you have big space (cell size, not the image )for sprites is important to change value to x and y position of Character text names. To better understand, you should imagine to have a png file with a width size of 600, then subdivide 600 for exaple for 4 frames, result of each frame cell will be 150 (in width) and these are columns (in this case 4) of your framesheet.

See also my post https://www.eclipseorigins.com/topic/86402/on-er-now-is-possible-to-have-more-than-1-frame-for-attacks in order to get more informations about character text name.

PS: consider that character text name is by default placed on the top of your cell size


Hey also is there any sort of projectile system in version 1.2.7

@bloodhawk I’m unsure (I haven’t used EW in years), I don’t think there is, but I could be wrong

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