Coding and Eclipse

I’ve been taking the first step to make a videogame for a year now by getting the concept down and am just now playing around with eclipse. So please excuse me if I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about, I don’t have much experience with the eclipse engine!

I plan on learning to code. From what I’ve seen by playing around the “src” folder has files using basic, However I’ve been learning python. So here are my questions:

How much can I customize my game by altering the coding? Remember I’ll be learning to code for the next year at least!
What programming language do I have to learn and can I change any basic files into python files with enough work?
Should I make my game with Eclipse or Andur for the most customization?

These are things I’ve been trying to figure out for days. So Really detailed answers are welcome!

To be exact, Eclipse engines use the VB6 language (You need the VB6 IDE to actually compile your code changes). It’s possible to convert the engine to Python, but you’ll have to do it by hand. At that point, you might as well write the engine from scratch; I’m sure there are libs you can use to help speed up the process.

It’s up to you what language you use, but if you want to use an EO based engine, you will have to learn and install VB6. You can learn python if you’d prefer that, but that will require recoding the engine by hand.

Between ER and AE (currently)… AE has more features, ER has less bugs.

thats what i thought. thanks so much!

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