How Secure Is The Eclipse Engine?

Sorry for stupid questions , I am very new to using the eclipse engine.

Is it currently possible to cheat or “hack” (The latest build) for example with cheat engine or other memory/packet editing tools?
I dont mean like guessing someones password, Im speaking more of like for example giving yourself admin or teleporting anywhere you wish, speeding, spawning items etc. I remember this was a problem in the mirage source days, not sure if it still is now?

Anyways thanks in advance

It’s fairly secure in regards of player access, but players can still use cheat engine (on ER, not sure about AE) (so speed hacks are still an issue), and can crash the server.

This is as far as I’m aware, at least. I could be wrong.

AE has an anti speed hack, but haven’t tested it myself

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