Three questions from newb

  1. I’ currently working on EBO engine and it have implemented pet system. Pet is attacking mobs but mobs aren’t attacking my pet. It can be changed?
  2. How to make items that can be used only one-time. I want to create scrolls with spells that after one use will dissapear
  3. I want to make a builder class in game. Builders can for example repair bridges. If bridge is repaired then everyone for 1 hour will be warped to another map. After a hour bridge will be again broken. How I can make it? I readed that global events working only on a first page of event
  1. Pets should be working, not sure why the NPCs don’t attack the pet back (probably a bug in the code)

  2. The spell item type should work for that (I think those are 1 time use items)

  3. You can use Self switches with the Event. Check the player’s class, let them repair the bridge (switch the Event’s page), and break it later. You might have to do some coding to make the bridge break after X time, but there’s probably a work around you can do.

@mohenjo-daro Thanks for a reply. Spell item type is one-time usage but it is learning spell and I want to do scroll as one-time usage spell.

@bananowy-pieniazek Ahh, that will take some coding with VB6. There might be a tutorial one here somewhere, but I’m not sure.

@mohenjo-daro I will search for it 😄
Pet problem solved

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