Server Specs

What are the requirements for a vps to host?

The server should be able to run on windows XP and above, so whatever is cheapest. You only need 1 core and 2gb of RAM (the server won’t use any more than that). Processor speed is whatever’s fastest (faster means the server should run a bit faster).

Doesn’t “more players” cause the requirements to spike? What about “more of everything”?

@mohenjo-daro “Each SSD VPS Virtual Server is powered by Intel Xeon processors with a minimum of 24 CPU cores per system”

Would that be good enough?

@kouga On a modern server, yes, but EO servers are written in a 32-bit language, so the server won’t use more than 2gb of Ram or more than 1 CPU core. You can have more, but it won’t be used. And more players means more calculations for the server, so you’ll want a faster CPU to increase performance.

@Squizy I don’t know, only 1 core would be used, and I don’t know the speed of the core.

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