Class Ideas

I’m Currently writing up the concept for my game I am thinking about going the elemental class route instead of the Warrior/Mage/Paladin/Thief/Druid/Swordsman overplayed trend for my idea I was thinking there could be a wide variety of character builds with any given element ex: Fire Warrior, Fire Mage, Fire Cleric, Water Warrior, Water Mage, Water Cleric, etc, of course, each element will have their own skill trees in which skills will be unlocked based on the stat requirement ex: Fire Blast 12 Strength, Meteor Blast 25 INT, Flare Stun 10 Wis ect, What do you guys think?
I really want my players to be unique as they want with the elemental builds

I could see it working well in a game, but it all depends on how you implement it in the world, story, etc… It would give your game a unique trait, not many other games have classes based on elements, or I can’t think of any, at least.

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Well i was thinking of making NPC/Bosses Elemental too to make it more interesting and difficult say fire class character does 25% less against a water elemental npc where the water npc does 25% more ect im also thinking of giving water class healing spells along with attacks

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