Tetris 'Demake' [C++]

So honestly when I was working on something to see if I could work well, if at all in C++ I ended up making a Tetris Clone.

However, it wasn’t with graphics at all. It all runs in your command prompt. Sure it’s one of those things most people don’t do anymore, but I thought why not finish it up and share it with the sites I know?

So here it is!

Tetris Demake Screeny

A really ‘dumb’ Tetris Clone.

Obviously as its something super simple and I need to learn and get criticized to improve. I even have the Github Page for you guys:
Console_Tetris by AtomixSunku

Console Tetris 32bit
Console Tetris 64bit

Left/Right/Down Arrows: Movement
Z: Rotate

I appreciate you stopping by, even more so if you give me some tip or criticism.

This post is deleted!

@solidlink Thank you!

Also edited OP with controls.

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