Pong 'Demake' [JS]

I finished up an online course on Javascript and decided to work on my first project with it. I made a little pong game by watching a youtube tutorial (yes cause it’s my first project and i’m trying to learn lol). I saw @Sunku 's thread on a tetris clone he made with C++ and he called it Tetris Demake, so why not call my pong game “demake” 😉

Introducing Pong ‘Demake’!

alt text

I also decided to make a github website to host all my other web stuff so here it is:

alt text

Here is the website:

Just click on Pong Demake and you can play it on your browser!

Looks fantastic! I can’t tell if I just suck at pong or what, but is it winnable?

@sunku Thanks! Lol technically you can’t win, just score. The AI just follows the same y position as the ball so yea it can be unfair, I’ll make it a bit fair lol

Fixed up the collision bug and also made the AI have random speed value, making it possible to beat the game! I will still make improvements on it

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