Well the time has finally come to pull the plugs on AE. I was thinking about this for months on when to do this, and the time is now! AE has been a great run from the start, it later turned into a chore and I wasn’t enjoying working on it anymore… It was clear that I chose a bad base from the start, but I still tried to make it as feature filled while bug free as possible, which however didn’t work out the way i wanted it to. AE does have a lot of features and if you want to use it for your project, go for it, but AE’s lags are horrible, pings reach sky high and editing the source code made my eyes bleed (near the end of course)

I started AE for fun and for my own project but it later turned into a chore, and this engine won’t be able to handle my game

1) So what is going to happen to AE now?

Answer: AE’s downloads will still be up as long as possible, you can use the engine as usual however I will cut support from it, meaning I will not release any updates.

2) What are you going to be doing now?

Answer: I have picked up on JS this summer and been having a blast from learning it. I will continue to work on some small projects on JS and work on a game engine called EasiEngine.

3) What is EasiEngine?

Answer: You can check the thread on: https://www.eclipseorigins.com/topic/86465/easi-engine-js-engine-library