The dysfunctional Family Reunion

What’s up guys? It’s ya boi, OG Crest Toothpaste, and i’m dropping you the most toxic cross-community family reunion.
Let’s be honest, the drama between communities is kinda annoying and not good for anyone. Since no one can ever seem to get what they want between communities, maybe we can start co-existing. So tonight at 8pm Eastern time, I will be hosting a dysfunctional family reunion in the spirit of the Golden Age of eclipse. Stop by the Salem Game Development Discord Voice chats for games, laughs, and building connections and friendships and all that good shit.

Everyone is welcome (Bans on any community are not applied on SalemGDK) and this invite will be posted by on the following communities:

Salem Game Development (Run by me, OddlyDoddly)
Eklepze Eringez (Run by Zynato)
Ascension Game Development (Run by JCSnider)
RPGOrigin (Run by GeneralAwesome)

Sure this is probably a bad idea, but it’s freaking hilarious to even think about, so come one come all and bring your dankest memes!

Discord Join Link:

Have members asking about the following vets, if anyone has contact with them send invites:

CMFiend (who i can't remember what his current username is)
@GWAR (who i know is here from time to time)
We had people from other communities asking about @Agoraphobic
@Mighty Professional
I'd personally like to see soul again if anyone can find him

People who have confirmed to come or will at least try:

Crzy the hated

I will be attending.

Love how my name isn’t there. I’ve been around Since Mirage 3.0.3, berore Skyward, before Robin, before any of the names mentioned. I developed M:RPGe, which inspired the Konfuze Engine, which inspired Elysium Diamond, which inspired Eclipse.


Lol, cry more Xlithan

And me Colgate

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