Сhat in Cyrillic

hello, can you help with the Russian language in the chat?
everything is translated perfectly, but I can not understand how to allow the chat to write in Russian
even in the admin panel supported by the Russian language but do not know where to edit the chat
=thank you in advance for your response=

This post is deleted!

Hello, sorry for the slow answer
I use Eclipse Renewal
I already changed the fonts and the game understands the Russian language
but I can’t find where the chat is
You can tell where can fix the chat?
or can I use the wrong font for the chat? there are ideas that can be the reason for the hieroglyphs


Chat is drawn in modText in the sub Public Sub UpdateShowChatText()

It just uses Font_Default which is given a value in Sub EngineInitFontTextures()

    NumTextures = NumTextures + 1
    ReDim Preserve gTexture(NumTextures)
    Font_Default.Texture.Texture = NumTextures
    Font_Default.Texture.filepath = App.path & FONT_PATH & "texdefault.png"
    LoadTexture Font_Default.Texture```

many thanks!
it was all so simple ><
Thank you very much again for your help.

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