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Hi there,

Today, I will show you the biggest dragon ball 2d project. Blue Evolution is a mmorpg developed with Unity. We use c# language and we have very good performances with our server. We can have 1000 players connected at the same time!

I’m here for showing you our work and we want to increase our English community at the same time.

So, firstly, we would have created a new story. In short, the fight between Sangoku and Jiren created a temporal fault and every player need to help Goku and his friends to find their memories for giving a chance to save the universe.

Each player can choose three races; Human, Saiyan and Namekian. Each race has their own passifs skills and the player have the choice to follow training for learning a new skill.

Features systems

  • Weather system
  • Smiley player reaction
  • Daily rewards, monthly rewards
  • Daily quest, annex quest and main quest
  • Sanctuary system when the player is disconnected
  • Level up notification, discovery area notification and PvP zone notification (UI notification like World of warcraft)
  • Bag for giving more inventory slot
  • Harvesting with job system
  • Minimap with npc, quest and boss icon
  • Quest tracker
  • Loot all button
  • Item rarity
  • World map with TP when you discovery an area
  • Last loot notification
  • Title system
  • 21 equipment/bag slots
  • Crafting
  • Guild
  • PvP arena (1vs1, 2vs2 and GuildvsGuild)
  • Dungeon and raid
  • Shenron wishes
  • Kamehameha and other technic
  • Ss1 to Ultra instinc transformation
  • Available in English and French (Portuguese is the next language)
  • Only one map! She’s very big!
  • Android application!!! not available on google play but you can download the .apk !

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Screenshot is coming, but you can watch our first live development on Twitch or Youtube.
It’s a French video but you can see our features systems! We work on a new user interface so what you see in this video, this is not the final release. It’s our test server because we don’t develop in our official server!

Twitch :
Youtube :

Team behind the game
Dannyt007 : Lead programmer, Game designer and Level designer
Skynx : Game designer and Level designer
PopHit : French community manager, Scenarist and French moderator
Letsquo : French moderator
Kijan : French moderator

We recruit some Level designer, one English community manager and a few English moderator.
You can contact me at this email :

July to September 2018

  • New networking library -> Finish
  • New chat system -> Finish
  • New mail system -> Finish
  • Add terms & conditions window -> Finish
  • New quest system -> Finish
  • Create the first area (In progress… 15%)
    October to December 2018
  • Closed Beta
  • Create the second area and namek
  • Player marketplace
  • Wedding & family system
  • Moderator Tools
  • New fight system
  • New dialogue system
  • Add option window
  • Open beta
    January to March 2019
  • Create the rest of the Earth
  • Custom character
  • First release
  • Fix all issues
    April to June 2019
  • First extension
  • To come up…

The only way to test our closed beta -> join our discord

Create together the biggest mmorpg 2d dbz project 🙂