Mouse offset Eclipse Renewal

Ok, so after searching I cannot find anything to answer this, I have an issue with the mouse offset, the grid that it highlights is usually to the left by one or to the left and up by one, it seems it doesnt track the cursor correctly, how would I go about fixing this issue?

Does the mouse line up with the GUI?

Yes, it lines up with everything minus the sprites and grids. Another issue I seem to be having (may or may not be related) is when I attempt to change the map size, say from 24, 14 to something like 32,16 it overwrites my input and places in max x 29 and max y 18 for some reason.

I know the map size has a bug where it keeps resizing itself. It’s due to client resizing.

As for the grid, I’m not entirely sure. The mouse location over the map has been a big pain for awhile. If you have VB6 and programmig knowledge, you can fiddle with in HandleMouseMove with CurX and CurY (those should be what’s used for the cursor location).

I’m currently preoccupied with the next version, but if it’s very important the bug is fixed, I can see about fixing it in a few days.

Alright, I’ll give that a shot, as far as the bug goes, it’s not game breaking just annoying. Doesn’t need to be fixed right away. I love the work you’ve done with this and appreciate everything, Keep up the good work!

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