[C#] Lupus Engine - The first Complete open source c# engine

The Sharpest Engine…

Lupus Engine (Previously known as Orion+#) started as a project to convert Orion+ to c# just to see how fast I could do it.
I succeeded in about 4 days though it was quite unstable. After a lot of work the engine is starting to become stable and useable!
I Have fixed many bugs while also intoducing many new features and improvements!


Lots of new Major Features!
 - Multiple Characters per account
 - Party
 - Discord Rich Presence
 - Trading
 - Housing System
 - Crafting System
 - Event System
 - Quest System
 - Instanced Maps - Per player/party map, great for dungeons
 - Emotes
 - Leveling Skill system 
 - Randomized Items
 - Procedural Random Maps
 - Toggleable Auto Attack

Major Improvements on movement, much smoother gameplay
 - Fixed jitteryness on the edge of maps, Gives for a much smoother gameplay (Most eclipse engines have this bug)
 - 4 Directional Movement
 - 8 Directional Movement - Toggleable

Day/Night cycle
 - Brightness Value for Indoors (Override day/night)
 - Basic Lighting system
 - Advanced Lighting system with Shadows
 - Both Lighting rendered in Editor
 - Light sizes
 - Light Flickering

NPC improvements
 - NPC Stat generator - Support for Boss’s
 - Adjustments to Npc Drops
 - NPC Pathfinding- Supports 8 and 4 Directional movement

 - Diagonal Projectiles - for 8 Directional Movement

 - Pet Evolve
 - Pet Pathfinding - Supports 8 and 4 Directional movement

 - Cached Maps for huge performance boosts on the client - Up to 300+ fps
 - Adjustable Resolution
 - Auto Tiles, Normal and Animated
 - Knock-back and screen-shake on Critical hit
 - Toggleable V-Sync
 - GUI Drawn to screen, including chat
 - Working Weather
 - Customizable Main Menu layout by UI Config - More will be added

Server Improvements!
 - up to 40x more server performance then some existing Engines!
 - New Server Commands
 - Shutdown Countdown command
 - Server maintenance mode
 - Global Experience Multiplier

Download: Github

Testing Discord: https://discord.gg/9Fu8EZq


Having tried this, it is /HIGHLY/ unstable. This engine needs a testing group with constant attention from the dev, which I’m given to understand he doesn’t have the time to spare towards testing this.

NOTE; If you choose this engine, be aware you will most likely have to fix the bugs yourself or wait until the github issue you post is addressed and patched, which as I said may take a while…

Update - The engine is now fairly stable and is under active development.

Wolf has set up a testing group here ( https://discord.gg/9Fu8EZq ) for using the engine, it will help find the bugs.
I retract my earlier recommendation- you should use this engine because the Dev is actively working towards fixing bugs. The more of us there are, the greater number of bugs will be found and the more stable the engine will get. Come along and help wolf to help you!

The Engine is fairly stable now, with most known bugs fixed and also lots of major performance improvements.

Added some pictures.

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