The Sharpest Engine…

Orion+# Started as a Conversion of Orion+ to c# but is slowly being Worked on, adding and fixing new things every week.

Event System
Auction House - Triggered by Events (Needs a lot of work)
Multiple Screen Sizes
Lots of Bug Fixes a HELL of a lot more bugs
Housing System
Auto Tiles, Normal and Animated
Knock-back and screen-shake on Critical hit
NPC Stat generator - Support for Boss’s
GUI Drawn to screen, including chat
Gather Skills which level up
Adjustments to Npc Drops
Instanced Maps
Randomized Items
Day/Night cycle
Lighting system
Brightness Value for Indoors (Dark houses and caves and so on)
Dynamic Lighting rendered in Editor
New Server Commands
Procedural Random Maps
Quest System
Toggleable Auto Attack
Crafting System
Global Experience Multiplier
Multiple Characters per account

Mounts - Not started.
Procedural Dungeons - Not started.
Guilds - Not Started.
Particle System - Started but not much progress.
Custom scripts - Not Started.
Bounty System - Started but not much progress.

Download: Github