[C#] Orion+# - The first Complete open source c# engine

The Sharpest Engine…

Orion+# Started as a Conversion of Orion+ to c# but is slowly being Worked on, adding and fixing new things every week.

Event System
Multiple Screen Sizes
Lots of Bug Fixes a HELL of a lot more bugs 😄
Housing System
Auto Tiles, Normal and Animated
Knock-back and screen-shake on Critical hit
NPC Stat generator - Support for Boss’s
GUI Drawn to screen, including chat
Gather Skills which level up
Adjustments to Npc Drops
Instanced Maps
Randomized Items
Day/Night cycle
Lighting system
Brightness Value for Indoors (Dark houses and caves and so on)
Dynamic Lighting rendered in Editor
New Server Commands
Procedural Random Maps
Quest System
Toggleable Auto Attack
Crafting System
Global Experience Multiplier
Multiple Characters per account

Mounts - Not started.
Procedural Dungeons - Not started.
Guilds - Not Started.
Seamless maps - Concept done, now time to actually implement it.
Particle System - Started but not much progress. - On Pause
Custom scripts - Not Started.
Bounty System - Started but not much progress.- On Pause

Download: Github

Testing Discord: https://discord.gg/9Fu8EZq

Map Editor Selection can no longer be smaller then 1
Ingame Map Editor Fix
Map Editor Fix Crash on Start
Fixed Saving maps and Changing Maps
Improved NPC Editor
Fixed Error on Adding Quest Task
Fixed Unable to Save on Pets And unable to Reopen Pets Editor
Fixed Unable to Reopen some Editors without a Restart
Added Pet Example
Added Arrow Key Movement
Fixed Typo
Huge Server performance boost, Went from 42k cps to 220k cps
Camera bound by map agian (Not sure why i turned it off so soon)
Losing Connection or Manually quitting the game now exits to the Main Menu
Levels are no longer tied to Bytes, you can now level beyond 255
Auction house has been removed (For some reason it was so very broken  )
Camera no longer is confined by the map (Preparing for Seamless maps)
Added Auction House (Needs a bit of work) - Removed
Added NPC Stat generator
Fixed lights dissapearing when at the egde of the screen.
Added Toggleable Auto Attack.
Added Light around player.

Having tried this, it is /HIGHLY/ unstable. This engine needs a testing group with constant attention from the dev, which I’m given to understand he doesn’t have the time to spare towards testing this.

NOTE; If you choose this engine, be aware you will most likely have to fix the bugs yourself or wait until the github issue you post is addressed and patched, which as I said may take a while…

👍 The Engine is indeed very broken and unstable, Though I just started working on a major overhaul (May turn it into another Engine not too sure). People should steer away from this engine for now, unless you know how to code in c# a lot of the problems arent too complicated I just dont have the time to test everything myself. Though with the overhaul im working on it should fix a lot of things.

Wolf has set up a testing group here ( https://discord.gg/9Fu8EZq ) for using the engine, it will help find the bugs.
I retract my earlier recommendation- you should use this engine because the Dev is actively working towards fixing bugs. The more of us there are, the greater number of bugs will be found and the more stable the engine will get. Come along and help wolf to help you!

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