looking for full and source for Eclipse 4.0 or newer

Hi, I’m looking for Eclipse 4.0 or newer with source code and full program, does anyone have a link to this, I downloaded Eclipse 4.3.2 and the source does not work, Ok why the source is not working.

Hi, I’m trying to open a project but its not just that one project its everyone I have, so whats happing is that when I open visual basic and open a project the form comes up as a modules and not a form. Please help me fixs this, I dont know what happed it was just fine for weeks then It started to happing and I did not change any setting. Here are some pic.



To open the code (assuming you have it, and that it works), you need to open the client.vbp or server.vbp file. This will open the whole project with VB6 instead of the one file lik your image shows (you might need to launch it with admin permissions).

If you do need the source, then here’s a link to EO 4.2.2

can you give me a new link., that one wont let me download it say it a virus


Try this one https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mDm8pOrCDbxUVSJiVR__XcsPqy7WqJzf

If it still doesn’t work, I suggest turning off your antivirus if that’s what’s causing the problem, and turn it back on after downloading it (you may need to make EO an exception as well)

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