Getting back in to Eclipse

Hello all, past user of Eclipse from back in the TE, EE era of the engine.
I wanted to use the engine for a small project but everything has changed so much from the old days. So whats new with Eclipse or more importantly whats the newest open source version that stands alone and is ready to go?
I gotta admit I was surprised to see so meany versions that had spun off of the old engine and happy to see the community is still here.

ER is stable but less feature, no guild system. AE has many cool stuff but so buggy. I suggest using EFF.

I agree with KoeZyrs.

EFF is probably the best choice to use right now since it has features, and doesn’t crash a lot compared to most engines on the site.

Thanks for the help and the list of engines (nice to get the hand when I I’m diving back in to eclipse). EFF looks like it will work quite well, plus its nice to see so meany of the features like quest that I was excitedly waiting for back in the EE days have been implemented. Although I might need to try and do something about its UI.
Another question can you still use VB6 to edit EFF?

Yep, pretty much all the engines on the site are still VB6 and open source.

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