How to compile the src ?

Hello !
I really need your help to finally compile the source code in VB6 project !

I have VisualBasic Full installed
I have installed MSDN
I install Lib EclipseOrigins runtime

But once I wish to open a source VB6 I always have error messages!
Someone would have time to give me a boost even by teamviewer because I had to make a mistake and I do not know at all what … it should not be difficult to install it’s tools. …I feel really stupid not to get there …

I can help you using team viewer.

Discord: DragonicK#0428

After spending more than three days tested several methods before coming to ask for help it was still an echeck 2 hours ago! But thanks to DragonicK my problem is finally solved! A huge thank you for your time!

Can you say what you did to fix it, or was there too many things done at once? Lol

Common problems.
Cant register OCX.
Different versions of the same dll.
VB6 cannot access the registry.

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