[Upcoming] Andur Engine 2.8

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Yup I’m back into it. Looks like I just needed a long break that’s all. 😄


This version is filled with bug fixes. Like there’s literally so many stuff that’s fixed , so I’m just gonna list the main feature additions.

Book System

AE finally has a book system. I’ve been wanting to make this feature for awhile. The book system isn’t just a regular ol’ bool. It can also be a “special” book. It can teach you a new spell or start an event like in Skyrim.

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Edit: I’m still trying to make multiple pages, like the tutorial system. Still looking at how that does multiple pages, shouldn’t be too hard.

Edit 2: Yes I realized I called him Tommy, not Johnny. Fml And please don’t judge my writing, it was just “dummy text” I didn’t have the internet and so I didn’t have access to lorem ipsum lmao

BossMsg is used for other stuff now

The bossMsg are messages that are drawn to the center. This is now used when you level up a skill, start a new quest or when a special event is active.
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DoubleEXP/Special Events

Apparently this never worked. Soo here it is again.
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Quest Blips and Player Pointers

No more [!] or [?] (You can turn it on through the game options of course)

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And yes the quest dialogue actually works now. it shows up when a task is finished and you can also close it.

Player pointers are little arrows that are on top of the player’s name. It can be turned on and off through the game options.

NPC Paperdolls

This was unfinished in the previous versions but I ended up finishing it.
NPCs can now have 3 paperdolls

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alt text

Class Progression system
The GUI for this was never finished and hence why it was disabled but I ended up finishing it, so this feature is now enabled.

- Insert screenshot

New Events

New events relating to quests:

  • End quest
  • Progress Quest
  • Player Movement (Still working on it)
  • Wait (currently working on it)


--- Highlights of this version ---
- Book system
- Double EXP/Special Events
- Quest Blips
- BossMsgs for other events (starting quests, special events, gain a level)
- Class Progression system
- NPC Paperdolls
- Editor Layout updated!
- Bug fixes!

------ Changelog (chronological order Updated: May 31st 2019) ---------
- Fixed NPC Spell Casting Animation
- Increased NPC Spell Slots
- Added checks for hovering over slots
- Fixed Buying random items from shops. 
- Fixed Auctions, it now opens and doesn't give you dx8 errors
 - Fixed Random Item System. No more Dx8 error 
- Added options for Chance for NPCs to cast healing spells
- NPCSpells now shows spell cast animation
- Fixed NPCDirections for the client
- Fixed Editor not resizing the game
- Fixed Editor resize form controls
- Shops now show the right name and rarity color for items
- Shops don't get a dx8 error when the inventory is open
- Fixed items with random prefix and suffix giving dx8 error on the bank window
- Fixed items with random prefix and suffix giving dx8 error on the auction window
- Removed the Buy/Sell button in shops as it wasn't necessary and also game unnecessary errors in the server
- Fixed Dx8 errors on banks and auctions and randomItem, prefix and suffix gets - drawn
- Fixed DX8 error when you hover over an itemslot and change to the character - Window, same for the inventory
- Finished DrawNewClass, it now draws the classes and draws them on the right position. 
- Enabled ClassProgression system as the GUI is now fixed
- ClassProgression is now Optional and can be enabled/disabled through AEConfig
- ClassProgression requirement Level can be changed through AEConfig
- Fixed Special Events (Double Exp)
- Added Double Exp for other skills
- Added BossMsgIndex to send messages for players similar to bossMsg()
- Added BossMsgIndex when player gains a level
- Added BossMsg for special events
- Selected sound effects now play when you choose them from an editor
- NPC Editor layout updated
- NPCs can now have paperdolls 
- NPCs selected paperdoll is drawn on the editor
- NPC's projectiles is drawn on the editor
- Added Quest Blips! It has 3 states, when you haven't started a quest, when started a quest and quest objectives
- Lights are now drawn even on DayOnly maps
- Added Pointers for Players, similiar to quest blips, this adds a pointer to all players.
- Added option to enable/disable pointers
- Added BossMsgIndex When starting quests
- Fixed Quests not finishing/not progressing on certain tasks
- Fixed Quests not dissapearing from the quest log after being completed 
- Fixed Quest Dialogue not opening when a task is updated
- Fixed the questDialogue not closing when clicking on cancel/close
- Disabled PlayerMovement when the quest dialogue is open
- Changed Night's Overlay to be a bit brighter and added a bit of colour.
- Animations now render above overlays and nights.
- BossMSG timer is lowered to 4 seconds (originally 15 seconds) since it's used for  other messages too
- Fixed Dragbox causing DX8 Errors when dragging items 
- Added a book system
- Books can have a Name, Author and Text
- Books can teach you spells
- Books can start events
- Added BookType in itemRec. 0 is none/normal, 1 is learn spell, 2 is start event
- Added a game option to enable/disable mouse movement 
- MapNPCnum gets = questNum So if the player is on a quest, the NPC will have a grey blip but only the specific NPC
- Quest Blips are not optional and can be turned on/off in options. Turning it off will revert to the old quest blips
- Added Event for Ending a quest
- Added Event for progressing a quest (Add Quest Stage)
- Finished Wait Event
- Finished Move Player Event
- Added Kill NPC Event
- Added Start Event (Can Start event for player, players in map or all players online)
- Added Comments for events
- Using timeGetTime instead of GetTickCount. GetTickCount can be used easily by editing the source
- Added Mute system 

To do:
- Quest Progress in events (Start/finish task/finish quest) conditional branches
- Add a condition branch to check if quest is in progress/finished/not started
- Event starts when entering map.
- Can specify event for join and onDeath

Some Images

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
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So I guess I just wanted to work on AE for a bit more so I started supporting it again. Previously I wasn’t patient enough so I guess I just discontinued it, but I learnt a lot especially since I was offline for 2 months and had to debug vb6 code lol. it is kinda fun. AE won’t still be my main priority as I got 2 other projects in JS, but I’ll still update it when I can/when I want to.

I also want to make a small demo game like how Daro has plans for his. We’ll see 😄

Updated the changelog (May 31st 2019)

Neat, I haven’t heard of NPCs having paperdolls before. I’ve always sort of just done my NPC as variants of the NPC with the items already equipped on the sprite and then done it that way.

@Solstice Yea, it’s pretty nice. NPCs can have 3 paperdolls (layered) and it can also save time. You can have a base sprite and a lot of paperdolls and still create unique npcs

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