Missing tool bar and spawn point

Hello small devs 🙂

When I open the engine and do everything by the tutorial… I am still missing tool bar that should be on the right side. Is there any fix for it or am I just dumb? Also 🙂 How do you make a spawn point?

Hey DryTEK,
What engine are you using? Can you link the tutorial you’re using?
Also are you trying to make an NPC spawn point or a player spawn point?

If you’re trying to make an NPC spawn point, there’s a tutorial on it:
NPC Editor

Here’s the tutorial Index:
Tutorial Index

If you’re trying to make a Player spawn, you would need to edit the class.ini which is located in: server/data

and if you want to make a checkpoint, just click on map properties through the client and insert the values on boot map:
Map Editor

If you have any other questions, feel free to reply 🙂


I am using Andur Engine 2.7.0H1 version. And I was trying to make player spawn point.

About the tutorial that you posted the “Tutorial index” I am missing this toolbar if we can call it like that. AE_-_Editors.png


To make a player spawn point:

if you want to make a starting spawn point (Where the player first spawns), you can edit the classes.ini in the server’s data folder:


If you want to add a checkpoint (Where the player spawns after death):
You can edit the boot map X Y from the map properties. To access the map properties, there should be a button right beside the save button.

and as for the editor, try closing the map editor and then you should see a login menu, login again. After that you should see a dark window, and at the top there should be menus for the editors. Try opening the menu from there.
Tell me how it goes 🙂

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