A programmer for hire

Heya there peeps,

I’m not sure if many people will remember me, but I used to be pretty active on these forums from 2012-2016. Got pretty good at VB6 and worked on a couple of people and also on Nin Online along with Seth and Rory. (Do checkout the game)

I left the forums and worked on other projects and in other languages. But VB6 and Eclipse will always be close to my heart. Though it’s been ages since I’ve coded in VB6, I’m pretty familiar with the language and the engine.

If anyone needs work done you can hit me up with an email on [email protected]. I’m not sure how my notification settings for this forum are, so PMing her me might not be of much use. Rates depends upon the work that you need done. I can do full feature addition as well bug fixes.

Here is a link to a post I created long back on this forums. It’s got a bunch of vouches from back then, not sure if that means anything.

Cheers. 🙂

This post is deleted!

I hired Abhi few years back, He is incredibly fast and he helped me so much with DarkStory in the past. I’ll definitively recommend his work.
PS: Greetings bro!

@DarkDino Thanks man! Btw, congrats on DarkStory. I just checked it out. It looks nice.

Btw, I’m still available for hire. Just shoot me an email [email protected] or msg me on Discord. (Username is Abhi#2075. Same email)


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