Eclipse Origins: Tutorial | Part 4: Using the NPC Editor!

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Every Eclipse engine has an NPC Editor and most of them are similar to the other engines. We are going to go through the ER’s and Andur’s NPC editor.

Eclipse Renewal

Eclipse Renewal has the most powerful NPC editor than other eclipse engines.
To make an NPC press the “Insert” button and click on the Development panel. Go to the NPCs tab and there you can set up the NPCs. After setting it up it should look something like this:

NPC Editor

ER NPCs have a few more advanced options such as Hive Mind (NPCs of the same type will help each other if one is in combat and range), and Smart AI and Dumb AI (it will be used is Smart AI isn’t selected) for how they pathfind to their target.

IMPORTANT: ER NPCs are automatically calculated for you. The NPCs in the NPC Editor are a base level (level 0) and will scale based on the level you enter in the Map Properties:
Map Properties

Once you set the map’s properties, place in an NPC spawn attribute from the map editor (if you don’t place their spawn, they will spawn randomly on the map).

Andur Engine

Andur’s NPC editor is also similar to ER’s editor, but there are differences.

First open the development suite, click on editors and click on the NPC button.
alt text

The editor will then open in a separate window.
NPC Editor

You can now set up the NPC the same way as ER, but note that you set up the NPC level through the editor, not the Map Properties.

AE NPCs have a few more advanced options

  • Is boss? beside the behavior type if you want the NPC to be a boss and the event slider can be used to select an event for the NPC. Once you are done, set the NPC in a map through the map properties.

  • Colors to change what the sprite looks like without needing a new graphic.

  • Factions to make NPCs fight each other

And that’s all it for the NPC editor. Now go and try the NPC editor out and make some NPCs. Just remember, you will improve over time: no one starts off perfect.

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tengo una duda con los npc
tengo una hoja de sprites donde están colocados de forma horizontal(como lo muestro en la imagen)
y los ejemplos que trae el motor ER están en vertical

tengo que usarlos como los trae el motor ER de ejemplo o con los mios propios hay alguna manera de que
pueda usarlos sin tener que editarlos todos??ejemplo1.png

@bangaran It’s possible to code it if you know exactly what you’re doing, but otherwise, you do need to edit them individually.

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