Starting Eclipse Renewal Updater stays at version 0


I installed the runtime libraries and downloaded the Eclipse Renewal.rar
After unpacking it comes with the updater, the lib folder and data folder.
After running the updater it says it needs to update, downloads 5 files to /temp (1.8.3 and the subpatches H* for it) yet the updater doesn’t unpack these temp files anywhere and the local version remains at 0,0,0,0

Also manually unpacking the server and client maps to the same folder as the updater doesn’t change the local game version. It will redownload the files to the temp folder each time.

Running as both administrator and regular user, it didnt change.

System information:
Windows 10 Home edition 1809
No Windows defender options protecting against file alterations by other programs (as it literally breaks any game).

I fixed one of the links the updater uses, so it should be working again.

I’m also working on a new updater that should get rid of some of the other problems the current one has.

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