Cursor Location is off

When Im editing in the maps section in the dev panel, the highlighted block doesnt seem to be aligned with where my cursor actually is. Heres a cropped screenshot:
I put a red dot where the cursor is.
The issue seems to get worse as I head towards the lower right of the screen, and is less of a problem the closer I get to the upper left. I doesnt even seem to be a present issue in the upper-leftmost square.

I saw some threads on here talking about this kind of issue happening if you follow a tutorial on the touchofdeath forums, but I didnt do anything like that. Its behaving like this right out of the box.

I’ll fix this in the next update, but it’s an issue with the form resizing throwing the cursor location off

Ok, thanks. Glad to know its not something unique to me. When I get issues like this Im always worried that its some kind of unique issue and everyone is just kinda going to shrug at it.
I had read through some of the ver1.9.0 thread and I know that you said it was hopefully slated for a release by the end of the summer. Is it still up in the air, or is a narrower time frame realistic yet?

I’m not sure when the release date will be at this point. I was hoping for the summer, but my job burned me out from programming. However, I got laid off, so I’m back to working on the update.

I can’t really give a time frame right now, so we’ll see how things progress.

Oh man, Im sorry to hear that. I hope things are ok on your end given the circumstances.

I was only asking about a time frame because Im hesitant to work on maps as it is. Another solution though, would be to just work in ver 1.8.2 for the time being, as that version doesnt seem to have the cursor issue. I just want to be sure that there wont be any issues transferring everything from 1.8.2 to 1.9.0 before I start that. Should I be concerned about that or should I go ahead and start mapping in 1.8.2?

Don’t worry, I’m good lol, I had some money saved up for this sort of thing.

Most of the data won’t be transferable without converters, but I’m willing to make those for things that aren’t easy to redo (either because you have a lot like items, or because they’re complex like maps), so don’t worry too much about using an earlier version, you’ll just need to let me know what converters are needed after 1.9 is released 🙂

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