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I’m selling a dx8 engine made by robin perris (crystalshire) modified by me, I was doing it to create my mmorpg game but over time I decided to change the style of the game and decide to sell the engine.

The system I put so far was …

  • Movement in eight directions
  • Movement with mouse
  • Access with mouse
  • Automatic attack system when selecting the target (the player follows the target and attacks alone).
  • 8 spaces for equipment
  • Randomization system of item attributes (The same item may have different attributes, thus moving the game trade)
  • Configurable resolution system
  • Rank system (rank of level, strength and gold, the rank does not need that the players are online to aparacer in the rank, the rank is configured to update every day at midnight)
  • guild system (The guild is able to save the blacksmith and the bank)
  • Blacksmith’s System
  • Improvement system up to lvl 12 with a chance of failure (possible to change)
  • Durability system of items (when it reaches 0% the item breaks and it is not possible to equip again, only when repairing it in the blacksmith)
  • Item Repair System
  • item enhancement transfer system
  • Auction System
  • Mission System
  • Daily Mission System
  • rune system
  • NPC breathing system and players
  • System of Elements (type you have to use the spell of one of the elements to increase its level and consequently increases the damage with the magic of the element)
  • mastery system (You use a type of weapon, type bow you using it increases the mastery of bow and consequently increases the damage with it)
  • projectile system (used for bow and staff, projectiles follow target)
  • Title system (the titles used give attributes buff)
  • Vip level system 1 to 12 (vip of exp buff and daily points to spend in the vip store)
  • Vip store system
  • craft system
  • mail system
  • Daily event system (a giant bosse appears and opens every day from 8:00 pm until 9:00 pm, configurable schedule, you get points by hitting the bosse and these points it is possible to redeem an item)
  • pet system (pet is your life for the whole life and just as you have it level and attributes that when you level a level gains points to use and this influence on your character)
  • Added several types of spell (examples: physical, magic, support, jump, buff / debuff, relive-ally and etc.
  • Reformulated the calculations of the spell for these types of magic

Several bugs contained in the version of crystalshire have been fixed !!!

The server has gone through a test for a few weeks and currently does not contain instability.

The server has a basic protection system against novices who try to overthrow the server with third party programs.

it may be that I have forgotten some system but if someone is interested contact me through the private here at the forum, so I can show you image and video…



where i can contact for more detalis

You can contact us through Discord: MasterOp#2430 or privately here in the forum.


Bonjour le moteur est t’il toujours disponible ?

Combien de joueurs le moteur peut-il supporté ?
La traduction en français est t’elle facile ?

@Zabuzaki Supports 200 players can be changed.

it’s easy to translate into any language

Discord: MasterOp#2430

This post is deleted!

This engine looks amazing, are there any drawback to using this old engine? I remember there were limits to how many items/maps/etc before things started to get very slow. Do you have a demo or something we can try?

@Fallen gets in touch through discord
Discord: MasterOp#2430

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

i send pm for you

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