Hi Eclipse friends, I’m here announcing the sale of my online sword art inspired game, I worked for a few years on the back and forth project, settling for it and focusing on something other than an anime based, I’m with a project 100% authorial and I’m planning to release it on steam. As my sao has been canceled and many people are still looking for it, I decide to sell the game engine in case anyone wants to continue.
Contact us for more discord information: Mika # 5649 (Sorry for my english, I used google translator.)


Fully customized character creation.
New Menu in Game
Hud with Name / HP
Professions With Skills Level
Fishing and selling
New PVP duel
Guild Duels
Duel between Players
Extra Skills
HP Regeneration System
Spying players status
Auto Run
New Skills Effects
Skill of 2 swords in hand
Skill Learning Evolution Tree
Item NeverGear
Items by sex.
Monsters / NPCs: Variable Speed, Far Level Reduces Exp
Guild System/ Access badge
Region Spawn
HP multiple bars
Reformulated the calculations of the spell for these types of magic
There may be possible bugs.

Characters System Movement
Eye Movement
Attacks 6 Types.
CastSpell .

Price to negotiate.

Here is a playlist of videos, some current and some older, showing some systems.