What part of the Source has the credits names ( Eclipse Renewal)


I wanna make my own game client/server
I like Xtreme worlds mmorpg, I followed it till it died. If I had the full source that would be cool.
For now since I don’t have it.
Just wondering, What part of the Eclipse Renewal 18.1 or higher, did you put the credits in what named Source file, I found part of the 2 boxes.

Such as in the credit section of Eclipse

I would like to change it to something nicer and not have little boxes and just have one big box instead of [Eclipse renewal programing mohenjo and johnson] [Bug test/fixer/programer Mohenjo] [Other programing/ other]

I get that Mohenjo in the credits helped with programing we would figure he would be testing and coding it, and putting other programming isn’t really the right wording, Additional programmers sounds better then Other Programming:

I would like to change that and add my name to the list and get rid of another useless box [Other] I dont want to be put in another box as a other. I feel other has been used too much.

If you want to make the client and server source for everyone to make their own game, allow them to edit everything. Let it be fun and let people have their way. Thank you.

It’s written in the form designer.

  1. Open frmMenu

  2. Select picCredits

  3. Right click one of the blue squares and select Bring to Front
    Bring to Front

  4. Change the credits’ layout/wording to what you want

  5. Right click the blue resize box and select Send to Back

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