DBZ Engine DX8 [Sell]

Hello everyone,

I’m here to tell you about the sale of my game based on Dragon Ball Z. The project called Instinct Z has had years of development, with ups and downs, ups and downs, and when I finally announced the official alpha version, soon after I went approved at a distant college, alpha went on the air, where I had the opportunity to fix a lot of bugs and keep the server stable, but I was forced to leave, with the changes and the time that the college consumes me, I realized that there was no more . Therefore, I decided to sell the complete project in case anyone still wants to continue with it. Thank you.

  1. Main Menu & New Char reformulated
  2. Resolutions system (1024x768 and 800x600)
  3. Fullscreen system
  4. Hair System
  5. Email system
  6. System of 8 directions of movement (Credits to the Evolution Maker engine)
  7. Day and Night System
  8. Kamehameha (Spell) system (ATT: Now it is possible to change the direction while casting)
  9. NPC system to send Kamehameha (Spell)
  10. Flying System (Complete with Flying NPCs, in-flight combat, npcs spawning and walking on blocks)
  11. Tip system (can be given after a conversation)
  12. Quest system
  13. Guild System (With Honors, Talk to an NPC to create)
  14. Ki Ball System (Spell)
  15. NPC system to send Ki Ball spell
  16. Destructive Tile System (can be destroyed with Kamehamehas and Ki Balls)
  17. Guild War system every 30 minutes (similar to a flagship, configurable)
  18. Transformation System (Spell and by Time)
  19. Screen Shake System When Hit + Sounds Hit
  20. System of Maps that cannot use magic
  21. Airplane / Capsule Travel System
  22. Aureola System (Ring over the head on death maps)
  23. Ranking System (PDL - / ranking)
  24. VIP system by date
  25. Resets system
  26. System of Earning Spells by Level and Resets
  27. Scouter System (Item)
  28. Currency Consumption System (Credits to Dooolly)
  29. Improved Server Security
  30. Added Drops logs
  31. Boss NPC system
  32. Passive Spells System (Containing: Zanzoken)
  33. I forgot my password system, sending an email to retrieve it.
  34. Quest system shared at party
  35. Improved Tutorial System (Now contains a new tutorial when you level up for the first time)
  36. Auras System
  37. Instinct System (When you get your first trans, appear to choose your instinct. Blue, yellow or red, which will be the color of your
    Others Sytems.

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I can not buy. Are you saying your account is on trial
if it continues you will not sell to anyone

Okay, thanks for letting me know, my account is verified, anything send a private message.

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