Making "Paperdolls"


I have 200 items.

But i don´t see them. So i must create “Paperdolls”. But how? All the items in the item folder doesn´t look like the pictures in the paperdolls folder:


How can i create paperdolls? Manually it takes to much time for 200+ items. Is there an easy way or tool? I only have the 6 template paperdolls.

I hope you understood my English 😛

Best regards, TGSlp 🙂

Hire someone, get good at them, or figure out a way to take bits and pieces and randomly put them together

Mohenjo Is right. There is a ‘easy’ way to make paperdolls. Remember, game development takes lots of time. Also, the paperdolls items don’t have to look exactly like its corresponding item frame, just close.

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