Recruiting for Zelda Online Project

Hey, my name is sebacame and I am 16 years old. I am the head admin and main creator of a working on project named Zelda The Legacy Online. I had used eclipse evolution some years ago, also created some games with rpg maker, I made many warcraft III maps, with triggers, character customization, etc… all this since 5 years. This project will be a part-time, UNLESS WE GET A HOST. I am still on my own on this project, but I am looking for people to help me on it. I should add that what I am looking for is a small team. Here are some details of the game:

Game name: Zelda The Legacy Online
Game type: MMORPG
Status: Working on
Resource: Eclipse Origins 2.3 event system
Language: English

The positive things(now):

  • The tilesets are adapted, big, and unique.
  • The music is from the original games.
  • The sprites are the minish cap ones and they are great.
  • More than 60 maps already done

The negative ones(now):

  • We need more maps, like 100 minimun to start the beta.
  • We need more npc sprites.
  • The skills and gameplay system haven’t been changed.
  • No custom script done.
  • The guis haven’t been changed.
  • We do not have a host yet.
  • Others we are working on…

We are looking for now:

  • HOST -

Anyone who wants to join this project please write a comment below telling me your skills, experience and the talents you have. Then I will contact you.

Screenshot of the game:


Let me be the first person to say, Welcome to the forum! Best of luck on your endeavor.

Well thanks you so much Agoraphobic! I also wish you luck on your projects. I must admit I look on this forum since years and I never registered, since now 🙂

Well, welcome. It looks good so far, I might join if I find the time to do so.

Thanks you Mr3m0! And I would like you to join in! 🙂 I need all the help possible… creating a game alone is a hard work! If you find time to join in please notice me 🙂

your going to get a letter from nintendo just like other members from this forum have for making a Zelda mmo telling you to stop.

I would look into copyright laws before you go any further

Look I don’t have anything against nintendo games but DrAken is right . I would recommend  you making a game out of a story you made , but it is your game. You should read this topic for info .,81967.msg877323.html#msg877323
You should talk to Zapto he could problably tell you something. Also I recommend you emailing Nintendo before you continue with the creation of this game. I wish you good luck . 😃
[Edit] I just emailed nintendo I shall tell you what they tell me.

WHy not make your own generic game? Don’t create off others, it’s not fun that way. It’s better to make your own ideas and stuff.

Zelda? what zelda? i think you need a permission to make a zelda game… Ask nintendo 😄

ill tell you what they will say. NO!

its already been done, you cant use any of the Lore for the game, thats why  the other zelda game got closed it used the games lore, it even had custom tiles and sprites not ripped from a game but made from scratch and got closed due to game LORE being under copyright

DrAken just let him the warning has been done . If his game gets shutdown it shall not be your problem.
I wish you luck in whatever you wish to do.

Mmmmm I didn’t know that… Well, I think I will shut this project down and create a game with my own stuff because I agree with draken… they will not allow me do it so before I continue I better remove it. Thanks for the warning and for the advice! 🙂

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