Map Instance Error

Hello, again i need your help!

iam using the SEB Engine which runs on Eclipse origin 2.0 and i wanted to add a “dungeon” Instance. So i did exaclty what this Tutorial said:

No the Problem. When i warp to a Instance map i’m getting a error

Public Sub WriteBytes(ByRef nByte() As Byte)
Dim nLength As Long

    nLength = (UBound(nByte) - LBound(nByte)) + 1

    If WriteHead + nLength - 1 > BufferSize Then Allocate nLength

    CopyMemory Buffer(WriteHead), nByte(0), nLength
    WriteHead = WriteHead + nLength
End Sub

CopyMemory Buffer(WriteHead), nByte(0), nLength

So i guess it has something to do with my Maps! So in this Tutorial is i need to create Instance Map Packs. But what i have to insert there, i guess not only a Copy of my create Map or else i wouldnt get a error.

Thank you already for your help again!

Your Map struct in client and Server is probably differen2t

Could it be maybe cause i have the Event System in this Engine? so the Map Structure is different from the code?

Try deleting “ONLY” that map file you get errors on, then restart the server to allow it to rebuild its structure. Load the client with an account that load you directly on to that same map you get errors on. It would be a good idea if you ran both on the IDE. If error still occurs the data type structure probably does not match. If it does, then that is when your debugging skills come in. Move on to how the data is being handled. It would also help us a lot more if there were more details about what “kind” of error you are getting in a msgbox

Edit: I almost forgot, the client acts its own way once it gets the map file from the server and never asks for it again unless if it needs to. Make sure you get rid of the map files on the client so it can request for a new one from the server; other than loading it from its own client directory.

Hey guys slightly off topic, can anyone add an instance system for me to a eo3 project? im trying to avoid bugs tbh in a system

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