Inviting friends to my server and number of quests available

Hi. I am trying to invite my friends to join my server but i dont know how to get them in. What should be the address of the Eclipse Origins game server that they should be connecting to and what is the port of the game server they should be connecting?

And is it only possible to create 5 quests in the silver edition?

Thanks in advance

Firstly, you’d need to portforward if he/she can’t connect with the global ip without any of that. To do that log into your modem/router and Depending on your brand, you’d either look in the Firewall settings or look under Connections. You’'ll Find something along the lines of “Port Triggering” and/or “Virtual Server”. you’d add your ports and such. make sure the port is directed towards your comps local ip(192.168.0.???). Next to have your friend connect to the server, give him/her the ip from and your friend should be able to connect to that ip, that ip you get from that site is your global ip, meaning it’s only tied to you and only you(unless your isp randomly feels like changing it) After that there should be no problems, if you need anymore help just message me and i’ll see what i can do.

tried your suggestion for knowing my port and pub. IP 😕 doesnt work for me


Do you own a Router?

Or you only have the modem?

If you only have the modem but no router, then you don’t need to portforward, just search on google “what’s my ip” and will show your Public IP.

Then copy and paste that Public IP into your config.ini [folder data - config.ini]

If you have a Router connected to a Modem, you will need to log into your Router

How to do so?

1. Open Command Prompt

2. Type in ipconfig and press Enter

3. Search for Default Gateway, copy and paste it into your browser

4. A log in box will pop up, if you didn’t change your username/password, the default might be Username: admin PW: admin

After you logged in, search a Tab called **Portforwarding **[depends on your router]

There you will put your Internal IP [not the public one]  and your game’s Port [example: Port: 4000 - 4000, open your config.ini to see what port you set for your game]

For the Protocol choose Both [if available]


To test if your portforwarding works, go to, and type your game’s port.

If it gives you an Error, means you did something wrong, if it says it’s Open, then you did good, and players can join your game.

^^ That will help you the most but as for quests goes 5 is max in silver editon i think and its unlimited in the gold edition if its a custom engine its a easy edit

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