Customizing GUI [Paid/Free]

–-- Currently not doing any free work for the next couple of days ----

Hello, I’ve seen a few threads going around about people who want their GUI (Graphic User Interface) changed into a more fitting design than the standard default version. I’ll mention now that I do not DRAW new designs for your GUI, I merely edit them and change the placement of the controls.

I’ll start off then by showing you an example of one of my designs.
This is one of my designs I’ve been working on recently:

I can also re-design the in-game GUI, this is a design I recently did for someone:


Going to keep this nice and simple so that be it for the work I’ve done previously, now onto payment.

  • Paid work -
    The price will vary from what you want me to do, but it will be cheap non-the-less, I offer custom script add-ons which will also add to the cost, but purely for the GUI it will be relatively cheap. If you decide to hire me to re-design your GUI I will offer quick and efficient work and will get on with the job.

  • Free work -
    So if you’ve got no money but would still like a GUI, I’ll still help you but I’d expect to see my name, Eclipse forum name and my website listed someone on your game or your website. I will also not work as quick and efficient as I would on a paid project, I’d spend a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes a day on your design .

  • Before I can begin your design -
    The first thing you must do is have an idea on how you’d want your GUI to look. So the first two things you must do is design a quick plan. Picture below on how the plan should look:

I’d want two of these for the GUI and the Ingame. If you want it more spot on, label the height and width of the boxes also.

Now this main seem like a bit of work, but if you’re planning to make a game, one thing that involved game development is planning, so if you can’t plan, don’t bother thinking about making a game.

Onto the contact information then.
There are three ways you may contact me:
1. Skype - Skype will be the best way to contact me as I’m always present on Skype when my laptop is turned on. Skype: Sythnet
2. This forums - I don’t spend as much time on here as I do on Skype but it’s almost as good.
3. E-mail - If you don’t have Skype or for some reason don’t want to message me, you can always e-mail me @

That is all I have to say at the point in time.
Thank you.

I would like to see if you could come up with something for my game
Click the picture.

Thx for redesigning my gui 🙂

I will be waiting for mine XD

@Kajamaz - Reply to my messages so I can begin then.


@Kajamaz - Reply to my messages so I can begin then.

I did so  😉

Alright, I just updated the post, I want a rough plan on what you want the GUI to look like before I begin any work.

Ok, I’m not really wanting you to make a GUI for me, I’d rather have you direct me to a few files such as where to find what the GUI looks like and the files to move around the GUI. Thanks!

I’m sorry, but is this the best you can do? Or are you hiding some secret potential behind… that?

I’m sorry, but is this the best you can do? Or are you hiding some secret potential behind… that?

He edits the controls/layout in the game. He doesn’t make the design.

heres a tip try rendering a gui to the picscreen 😜 find out how much fun it its ;) xD…i dont see much that would be pay worthy srry 😕 but maybe you got more then your showing who knows. :) hope you do well :)

He edits the controls/layout in the game. He doesn’t make the design.

Oh, I see! Then keep up the good work!

? um rendered GUI is done via programing not art, you could do a crappy image in ms paint still render it … >.> “layout” is the physical place to place said image. controls? can be a click spot. >.> nothing heavy im not a super programmer and ik this . lol

Wow… I didn’t think this many non-related post would come up, but what are the files that the GUI is/are in?

Why do people post on dead threads ?

Client -> data -> graphics -> gui

Don’t know how much more obvious it can be made.

Well thanks, I kept looking in scr so I didn’t find it… Sometimes the most obvious place are the ones over looked, and this was a thread/topic that suited my needs so I asked on it, that’s why lol.

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