Artwork Needed (Paid)

Hey Eclipse.

So I need some artwork done and I’m paying for quality work!

I’d like a nice simple, yet effective, logo with a Final Fantasy feel. More details will be given via PM as I don’t want to reveal what the art is for just yet.

I’d like a DX8 GUI with a nice feel to it (again, more details will be given via PM). The GUI has a total of 119 items needing done, but most of them are just buttons (hover, click, normal), so try not to let that number scare you.

I’d also like a Panorama (once again, more details in PMs).


For the Logo I’m looking to pay around $10

For the GUI I’m willing to pay $30-35

For the Panorama I’m willing to pay $15

I have a respectable reputation with currency transactions on the web and I’d like to keep it that way.

Note that I’d like some samples of how each item is looking while it’s being made. If you PM me a finished GUI that I don’t like, I’m not going to pay for it. I’ll give you a dollar or two for trying, but that’d be it.

Hence the samples. Give me a base button, a base window, ANYTHING to see if I like the style before proceeding to complete the entire piece of artwork.

These don’t all have to be done by a single artist either. If you read this and only want to do the Logo, you’re welcome to do that.

If you’re interested in the work, PM me or Reply to this thread. I’ll update this real time so any artist out there considering it will know what’s left to do.

Thanks for your time,


and don’t forget to use SEB engine wink wink

Woops did i steal your line 😛

and don’t forget to use SEB engine wink wink

Woops did i steal your line 😛

Pfffft. The Skywyre Engine is soooooo superior I don’t even think about using the SEB Engine. 😛

Well… Can I have the skywarden engine too then? 😄

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