Crawle - The Sandbox Survival Dungeon Crawler

Remember the good ole days when games used to be challenging? So do we. Crawle is essentially a survival dungeon crawler sandbox game. Crawle focuses on realistic survival using mechanics such as sanity, hunger, thirst, energy, diseases and permanent death. Your task is simple: survive.

(Note: Some of these images are pretty old)


  • A randomly generated environment.
  • There is no EXP in the game and therefore there are no levels - you are not restricted in any way.
  • After a while your supplies will run out. Fortunately, you can visit a dungeon to grab some supplies and resources.
  • Going without food will cause your character to become sick, diseases may also develop on your character from eating raw food or being around dead animals, increasing your death rate. They will also decrease certain stats.
  • Dungeons can be found through holes in the ground, be careful though because sometimes you can end up in other worlds.
  • There are bars for hunger, thirst, energy and sanity, if any (aside from energy) reach zero, you will die.
  • Depending on the type of world you have you only have two or three chances in the world. Unforgiving mode however only gives you one chance.
  • Sometimes a travelling Merchant will drop by to say hello. In the mean time, you can trade with villagers.
  • Earthquakes can occur, causing new holes to appear, revealing new dungeons/caverns.
  • There is no traditional health system, instead your health is based off your blood content and the damage to your body parts. You can also bleed out.
  • Animals do not despawn, instead they can be skinned, picked up and taken to your house or just left to rot.
  • Multi language! (Main Site & Forums) (Crawle Board) (IndieDB Page)

Crawle 0.5.0 Nightly 1: http://sleepystudios…id=2266#pid2266

Looking good, you guys are doing great work!

Looks awesome so far. Can’t wait to try it.

What Was This Made In?

Is this multiplayer? EDIT: DLL Installer aint working 😞


What Was This Made In?

They coded it themselves.

I found my dx8vb.dll does anyone know where it goes though? xD

Thanks for the comments guys.

Have you tried running the installer as an administrator?

EDIT: Nevermind, got it to work.

holy shit there’s a download? I’m playing this all night!


holy crap there’s a download? I’m playing this all night!

I tried but i cant find an axe


I tried but i cant find an axe

I can’t play online, so I’m out

Graphics look heavily inspired by Haven and Hearth


Graphics look heavily inspired by Haven and Hearth

that’s what they’re aiming at

Looks interesting, ill check this out later.

Yes, Crawle is still somewhat early in development, but is said to have a solid build by the end of the summer season. That being said, multiplayer shouldn’t be too far off.

What programming language is designed with?


Oh really, that is rather nice. I’m going to try and place this later.

A little development in multiplayer:

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