Api help.

so i downloaded a gamejolt api which allows users to get trophies and stuff on the gamejolt site.

they have different api’s for different languages.i downloaded a “visual basic” one because i see alot of people talking about changing the game’s code with VB6 and whatnot.it came with the main file achievements.VB which contains the functions of gameID,game private key,yada yada yada.

how do i make this work?

the format of the stuff insite the achievements file doesn’t look like its compatible with the customscripts file.

also if i want to run a event which gives you a trophy how will i be able to run the function to get it?

Okay, so I checked out how GameJolt works, and it’s an HTTP based API. (I don’t know what it’s actually called). On a simple Google Search, I didn’t see any VB6 libraries.  I did find a VB.Net one though. You said you opened the main file, achievements.vb. The extension vb is used in VB.net and not in VB6, making me believe you downloaded that one. I’m sorry but VB.net dlls/libraries aren’t supported by VB6.

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