The Complex Made Simple: Editing Classes

This is the first tutorial in a collection of tutorials I will be writing on Eclipse Origins. After looking through the tutorials board, I found there really weren’t a lot of tutorials on this, and well face it, the new people to Eclipse Origins simply don’t know how to do this unless they have a Mirage/Eclipse background.


  • Eclipse Origins
  • Notepad (comes with Windows)

Let’s Begin!
Now one quick thing about this tutorial: all locations in the Eclipse Origins folder will be referenced to as /client, or /server, the text after the slash being in the folder already.

First, we’ll need to find just where the file we’re editing is. What you’ll need to do is open up the Eclipse folder and follow these steps:
Open up the server folder(/server).
Open up the data folder(/server/data).
Open up the classes.ini file. It should open in notepad. If it doesn’t, right click on it, mouse over ‘open with’, and find notepad on the list.

Now, you’ll need to know how to edit existent classes, and to know how the data is read by Eclipse. If you already know how to do this and want to add a class, scroll to the bottom of this post.

I will show you the default class file with the first class in it.

[INIT] *Don't change this.*
MaxClasses=2 *This is the max number of classes. You can create new classes, but it won't do anything if you don't change this.*

[CLASS1] *The class number. All classes must be in order.*
Name=Warrior *The name of the class.*
MaleSprite=9 *Sprites that the player may use after choosing male.*
FemaleSprite=2 *Sprites that the player may use after choosing female.*
Strength=6 *Strength the player has.*
Endurance=7 *Player's endurance.*
Intelligence=8 *Player's default intelligence.*
Agility=9 *Player's default agility.*
Willpower=10 *Player's default willpower.*

StartItemCount=3 *Item count that the player starts with.*
StartItem1=1 *First item they have. You can find out the item number in the item editor.*
StartValue1=100 *Quantity of the item.*
StartItem2=2 *Second item...*
StartValue2=1 *Second quantity...*
StartItem3=5 *Third item...*
StartValue3=1 *Third quantity...*

StartSpellCount=2 *Spell count that the player starts with.*
StartSpell1=1 *First spell they have. You can find out the number in the spell editor.*
StartSpell2=2 *Second spell...*
```The code is not properly commented; the asterisks are just there so you know it's a comment.

To edit, all you have to do is edit the number or word after the equals sign with the correct value.

Adding New Classes

To add a new class, you must copy the code from one class to another. You do this by selecting it, triple spacing, and then pressing CTRL+V. You can then edit everything like you would edit the first two classes, but wait- there is one important step before saving: Change the max class value at the top.

After saving the classes, either restart or launch the server, create a character, and they should meet everything you put for the same class in the classes.ini file. Please note that ALL EXISTENT PLAYERS WILL REMAIN THE SAME.

That ends this tutorial. If there is anything I may have missed, or you are confused, please post on this thread.

This was great, thanks for the help!!!

This was complex before an explaination was given? I’m losing faith in my species.

Great tut for begginers :) But what´s that tags? :D

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