Server and client connection

Hey I have seen here a tutorial how buffers work from server to client but now i cant find can someone help?
I’m going to make a form called tutorial who will pop up only afther player logins 1st time. in server side HandleAddChar but…. how can i make it to send command to open frmTutorial in client side… ?

You only have to edit the client side packet so it will open the frame, then it will only open the frame when a new account is created. 😉

Nevermind, well, you can use a constant which checks if its the first time the player logs in and then pop it up.

I need to know how to make server to say client to open frm or make visible picture box because ill add code in the end of HandleAddChar and that will pop up only one time.

Just look into how packets are sent and received, and then open the form when it is received? I think you’re overthinking it. xD

Below AddChar send the packet in account registration same for login if their is no char.

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