PEO (Pokemon Earth Online)

Hello my name is Golf and I posted about this project few months ago :

We have stopped working on code few weeks and we are back now so the game will be released 15.-25.11.14.

We have about 800 players who are following us in group and facebook page.

You can read all about the game on our website:

If you want to know more about the game find facebook and youtube button on the website.

If you want to join the project send pm to us on facebook and you will be added to group by admin.

Game is coded in , we were thinking about vb6 but I’m more professional in and we replaced winsock with udp and tcp sockets.

Thank you for reading this and we hope you will support our project.


Image from develop:

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Join us now!

Those graphics doe XD

Not again…

and this is the worst rip of graphics I’ve ever seen!


Typical eclipse game.

Not its .com and look at your self 🙂

So you’ve coded it by yourself?

No engine used?

The website looks pretty nice, but i think the navigation is at the wrong position. Why isn’t the content centered?

The donation page is .weebly

Also the forums need some borders and stuff…

Btw, your signature still links to .webs page… you should update it 🙂

Tip: Use one single domain xD

Well, wish you luck, but some graphics clash, make sure that the borders are similar and not black on some and not there on others.

The mapping in the first two screenshots needs work also

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