A few question

1) People can’t connect to me althought I’ve already set the port forwarding and turn off the firewall, Only peaple use the same network (wifi and local) can connect, but the others can’t

2> Ask about the Pet

a> I summoned a pet, and when I want them cast spell I have to go to pet option and click it

is there a way set it auto use that or usually use spell to attack monster,

b> The spell, If i use my player cast it on a monster the animation will play. But Use the pet cast it, only the cast animation play, and the animation didn’t work, is that a bug ?

3>  is there a way to set auto target for spell

when cast a magic, I have to click target and cast it. That’s really a problem with magician class

Thankyou for creating a seperate topic.

1. Are you giving them your global IP address? not the or whatever, i mean like the that you can find on sites like Canyouseeme.org ?

2a. i don’t think there is a way to auto attack with pets.

2b. I do believe that is a bug, yes.

3. Currently none of the engines, not even EO4 has the auto target for spell usage. that my ip but I write it in modem it report bug in local ip address and can’t save

you put your local ip in the modem/router, the global ip(the one you mentioned) goes to those who are going to connect.

I saw some people on internet have prolem same me, that’s because my modum router is TP-Link w8961nd  have a problem can’t save others ip but 192.168 ….

I heard some program can auto open port but I’m looking for it …

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