Hello forum, I haven’t been around in a long while but I’m back and here to stay. I want to put together a team of people who are talent and motivated to drive towards and big project. I would like to make an MMORPG, which sounds like a generic statement but allow me to shed some light on the goals of this project.

The game engine/server will be written in JAVA. It is to be negotiated if we use LWJGL, for the time being have I have a powerful threaded graphics system. Average of 160FPS.

I would like to get a few pixel artists together as well as regular artists. Regular artists for the backgrounds, props and scenery.

I want to make it look similar to Eclipse. We will have similar tools for admins/content creators to keep the game going, the difference being that there will be more power and options because JAVA is a strong language to use as a platform. It’s also embedable in a web browser, so no download required.

So if you are interested in joining this awesome game crew. Leave a post displaying some examples of your talents and experiences. Looking forward to hearing from you amazing people.

It’s only been a little bit since I started this post but here is a quick update picture of what I’ve complete so far. I have a efficient graphics engine. Solid 59-63 FPS. Only uses about 3% CPU.

So as you can see the client is underway, but I still need to build a team because I know I can’t do this alone. So again. If you wish to join the team. Just leave a post with your talent and show a little experience.