Who wants to help me with my MMORPG. I and a friend of my does the design of the maps.
So who can help me with the following points.

1.Items And Characters Enz.
2.Whit the sound.
3.More hulp for the map design is welcome.
5.And the codes i don’t get that. :cheesy:
Other hulp is also welcome.

The game is called avatar war
Mail me if you’re intressted or leave here a Message.

You should try to the best of the game to be. by gem you can buy better weapons again. by people to beat you become better and stronger and richer. we are a bit far and the story line should be better so I need help. We’d love pets and quests in it but do not know how to do plz help.

srry for my English I’m Dutch. :embarrassed:

! Screenshots: