Problem in adminpanel>editors npc>experience

In the admin panel then i replaced the NPC giving xp nothing happens, I get identical amount of xp 320-380 😞

What engine?

eclipse worlds 1.2.4

don’t know then post it in his thread.

i try ask for help in eclipse worlds 1.2.4 topic but he say i fix it in new update.Maybe next year we will see eclipse worlds 1.2.5 😞

And he said :** I likely will disable NPC spells and quest system and restore them in the next update. It’s too buggy of a system to leave enabled.**

Everyone needs to calm down and give this guy a break like seriously his life isn’t to make your game for you if you have bugs or want something get vb6 and code it yourself.

i code it myself if i know how ;(

learn ask for help?

yea ;d

how to compile .bas file?

open in vb6 do whatever then compile?


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