[EW] Adding durability to an item when hovered over


I’ve noticed something in Eclipse Worlds that is there is no way to see the current durability of an item. Could anyone talk me through how I would go about adding a label and coding it on the item popup so when you hover over an item in your inventory it will tell you the durability.


@[member=“Tashology”] I don’t know much about this but I believe that there is a string variable with item durability  you could then go and make it so when you hover over a equip able item it display that string variable in a label or something.

@[member=“Hackertatio”] Hmm, that sounds good - I thought that but I had the issue of thinking how would it detect what item you were hovering over and all that stuff

@[member=“Tashology”] for that I don’t know if could check the server to see what item ID it is and then it checks the item durability and then assigns it to the durability string and then outputs it in a label.

@[member=“Hackertatio”] Yeah, that’s what I’m having trouble with. I kinda need someone to instruct me how to do it.

@[member=“Tashology”] Ya sorry I can’t do that. Goodluck if I figure anything out I’ll make sure to let you know.

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