Chaoscraft Tileset

Sadly, due to many events, I can no longer develop Chaoscraft. It has been an honor to come so far as we have, but sadly the team has fallen apart and we can no longer move forward. At this point we are taking 2 steps backward and 1 step forward. With that, I release to thee, what we had of the Chaoscraft Tileset (or whats left, anyway) and some sprites. Enjoy and please credit CMFiend420, Fabzy, Seb, and Joshua Ray. Credits must be used.

(Screenshot from King Seb, background not included)

400mb of tilesets and sprites? how did this happen?

By having the awesomest person on the site on the team

Since when was I on the team??? Joking aside, it’s a good looking tileset if this is the look you want, it’s just not for me, but I do recommend it.

It looks like you’ve also uploaded the source files for the game. Would other users be allowed to use this as long as permission is given?

And theres two copies, that explains why the file is so big xD Yes, I suppose you can use the engine. I’m going to release it to the community however its very buggy at the moment and I’m no coder. It needs the PicScreen fixed along as the main menu and I’m sure theres much more than that. Feel free to use with credit to CMFiend420, Zopto, and Seth.

Edit: Fixed link

It should be a rule to put screenshots instead of just a download link, wasted my time opening this.

I’ll see what I can do

Screenshot would be good before i download it

I’ll try and take one at some point today

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