[VB6-EO2.0] A way to calculate how many dll's are being used?

Hi Eclipse Comunnity.

Anyone knows some way to calculate how many dll’s are being used on client? There is some vb6 command or anything to calculate this?

Thanks .

look in references and components in VB6, this will show you ocx and dll and lib dependancies.

Hi xXaden

I know all the dll’s that the client uses.

What I want is prevent dll injector so I need a way to calculate how many dll are being used on the client.

Its impossible to prevent DLL or code injection; you can only make it more difficult.

My idea is: if amount loaded is more than should be, exit client. Do you know how calculate the dll amount in the client?


Instead of wasting your time adding security to your client, why not make it server-side logic? If you make a game completely server-sided it makes it really hard to hack, the less the programmer has, the less they are able to exploit.

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