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With the increased interest for card games, I’d love to have some discussion about it!

What card games do you play? Which ones have you tried? For how long? What do you like/not like about it?

I currently play Weiss Schwarz and will be participating in a tournament tomorrow, I have previously played Yu-gi-oh and Hearthstone, and I have tried out Vanguard previously, and just recently got introduced to Magic, I’m considering starting to play it.

What I like about Weiss Schwarz aside from the cute anime pictures is the rather high skillcap, yet possible to win no matter what situation with the luck, it is also what I dislike, that you can lose due to bad luck as well.

I stopped playing yugioh since I can’t really afford it in real life, since, while not as expensive to play in a tournament as in Magic, it requires a bigger budget for just getting started.

Hearthstone is not to bad, but I don’t enjoy it since it feels to simple, I’d rather play Magic.

Magic seems like the perfect card game for me, but I am unsure where to start, I have only recently got introduced to it, and I enjoyed it a lot, and while you can buy an event deck and play casually, playing in a tournament seriously is extremely costly, which a student like me can’t really support.

Vanguard seems fun, but it doesn’t have a lot of depth into it as far as I have seen, and games seems very quick and snowbally.

I’ve played pokemon and yugioh.

I liked both, yugioh a bit more, because of the combos… pokemon took some time for the battle to become interesting…

You’re right, most CCGs boosterpacks are too expensive…

The Spoils, check it out, it’s pretty awesome.

This be my fave card, Roundalicious Breasticals

I’ve played Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, munchkin, and magic; I think I prefer magic the most.

I used to play magic competitively. Won over 6000 dollars in scholarship when i was 17. If you have any questsions on magic feel free to ask. I still play online. I play the modern format the most,

Ive seen many other games come and go, Magic is the only one with any real shelflife if you want to invest $ in cards.

Others Ive Played:


Middle Earth CCG

Lord of the Rings TCG

Star Wars CCG

Inuyasha TCG

Legend of the 5 Rings

Spoils Tournament CCG

Yu Yu Hakusho TCG

Duel Masters

Megaman Battle Network TCG


Star Trek CCG


Wars CCG

Game of Thrones CCG (Back before the shows when it was still a CCG)

Dune TCG

Austin Powers CCG

Magic is the most widely played and your cards will retain the most value

Go here for top decks:


As I mentioned in OP, I am probably going to start playing Magic, and I am interesting in a White-blue deck, however since I don’t have a huge budget right now, I’m thinking of getting a Event Deck, more specifically, Inspiring Heroics Event Deck, my friend lent me that very deck when he was teaching me Magic, and it seemed really fun style, however how worthwhile are Event decks in general? Will I able to hold myself at casual locals, what are some singles to consider?

The event decks are perfect for what is called “Kitchen Table Magic” aka casual magic.

They have good power level and teach good synergy. They are a bit underwhelming for “Friday Night Magic Tournaments” and other competitive play however.

Id be happy to spruce whatever you choose up a bit.

If you are going for UW you are going to need good color fixing lands. Lands are everything. You need consistant lands that add U or W so that you can get your colors effectively. Investing in some good lands is always a good idea because youll use them in every deck you build of that color for awhile.

Pick up cheap ones: Flood Plain, Azorious Chancery.

Bit more Expensive: Flooded Strand, Hallowed Fountain, Celestial Colonnade.

Nice Thanks a lot, I’ll take note of those cards, I’ll be heading to my locals tomorrow for a Weiss schwarz tournament and stuff, and I’ll be holding my thumbs they have the Event deck that I want in store, and the land singles as well.

Magic the gathering is alot of fun, good luck.

This is the deck I play right now.

Magic The Gathering is an amazing card game. Newer sets are usually good but I prefer playing with older cards.

Played the Weiss Schwarz tournament, only 4 people entered, since a vanguard tournament was at the same time, went 2-1 and won first place, not a big price, but two boosters and got some great draws for my deck. Met some cool people and bought a Magic deck as well, got the KHT W/B Event deck, I’ll be heading there tomorrow, or thursday, or something, probably the latter, and will buy a booster or something, and play some games, after that I’ll be heading to another city and play wixoss with a friend with a newly acquired deck.

I want to play Weiss Schwarz just for the Sword Art Online cards hahaha. Are all the sets legal to play in tournament format do you know?

SAO has an English version, but in international tournaments you can play Japanese cards as long as there exist an English equivalent, which it does for almost all cards. Double check with your locals how they do it, since there’s sometimes custom rules about this.

Went to my locals and played some MtG with a friend for two hours or something, she plays a w/g token deck against my w/b aggro warrior deck, I won the majority of the games.

When I got back home I picked up my “DECK BUILDER KIT 2015”, and put together a r/u burn control deck, and a w/g something deck, they’re kind of hard to get a gimmick to without any other cards, but I am also going to try to build a graveplay g/b deck, missing to many cards though. I have spent 3 hours straight with this now, maybe it’s time for bed.

I think card games are really fun, but I haven’t bothered to learn anything other than Yu-Gi-Oh since it takes too long to become adept at the mechanics of various card games.

Yugioh is probably the most advanced card game as far as rules goes, most other card games are really simple, give it a try.

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