Leveldesigner for mobile Sidescroller/Platformer

Hey guys! 🙂

I’ve coded a platformer in java, and am now porting it to android. It’s running smooth and I’ve already got some basic items, enemies and blocks. I’ve written a handler, which reads txt files and creates levels. So it’s possible to use the tiled map editor to design levels.

Is there any decent level designer/graphic artist, who wants to work on this project? Let me know if you want to join!

If someone here wants to take this serious, he can also do some game design (tell me which features to add).


I’ve done a main menu and a level selection screen

also added mobile controls

Instead doing that, you should learn more, not engaging in projects.

[Just sayin’ because I know how you work] 😛

I shouldn’t engage in projects?

Well, how should i learn then? If i’ll always just do what i want, i’ll never learn how to solve problems…

A project (especially a bit bigger one like this) brings many problems, which i’ve solved all until now. 😄

So, no free candies?

So, no free candies?

Not for you.

lol i don’t get it; please explain…

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