Attack frames and Paperdoll to fit

Hi guys, so im new to Eclipse, and im looking for an engine or a tutorial that will allow characters to display an attack sprite and a paperdoll to follow so u can attack wearing your custom armor sprites on a blank sprite.


i was thinking about something along these lines as well. My theory at the moment is it would be best to separate the arms into a separate layer that goes above the rest of the body and the torso armor. this would really simplify a lot of animations such as pulling a bow string, swinging a sword, or lunging a spear since you’d only be worrying about what the arms would have to be doing. my only concern is bracelets,gloves,gauntlets… i think anything that gets worn on the arms would have to be animated for each item… unless im overlooking something

The best thing to do would be to have complete armor sets like bronze for example and that’s a full graphic but have seperate for the helmets, consider rest as accessories?

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